Congrates, Shonie!!

Added on March 11, 2019

Congratulations to our March “Dog of the Month”- Shonie!
Shonie is a four year old fun loving mix who has been coming to Central Bark-Sheboygan to play with friends and socialize for several years and is always a great addition to her play group. Shonie is wonderful lady who showers all of her handlers with warm affection and amazing hugs! Shonie’s best friend is a happy Dalmatian named Sir London, she also enjoys playing with Oliver and Libby. Shonie loves to give each and every handler one of her amazing “Shonie hugs”.
During her nap time you will catch Shonie snuggled up in her crate with her favorite bone. She loves to earn her treats by sitting and waiting patiently for her turn. When Shonie is finished playing for the day, she loves to relax near the handler, receive pets, and give kisses.
Thank you Shonie, for being a part of our Central Bark Daycare family! You truly deserve your time in the spotlight as March Dog of the Month!