Congrats, Della!

Added on February 6, 2017

Della is our “Dog of the Month” for February 2017!

Della is a four year old German Shepherd and is our little valentine February Dog of the Month. What’s not to love? She has it all…beauty and a great personality. Della gets along with all of the dogs, large and small, young and not so young; however, she is not afraid to speak her mind when needed. Della’s best friends are Lucy, a bulldog, Watson, a yellow lab, and Aiden, a pitbull. They love to run around, play tug of war with the Goughnuts, and fetch. When the humans in Della’s family are away, she sleeps over at Central Bark where she receives lots of loving attention from our canine caregivers. Della is so very special that she even has her own designated “Della Crate”. Enjoy your time in the spotlight Della with lots of hugs and kisses!

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