Congrats, Daisy K!

Added on March 31, 2017

Daisy K, a four-year old black lab, who has been coming to day care since she was 4 months old, is a well-mannered girl. Whether it is summer or winter, Daisy always has a great time romping around and wrestling with her best friends, Della, a German shepherd, and Rocky B, a hound.  Daisy plays with and chases her friends until it is time to take a nap and then is ready to start all over again until it is time to go home.  One of Daisy’s favorite games to play is fetch.  She always seems to wear out the handler’s arm before she even thinks about taking a break.  Daisy is known as one of our “teachers.” She encourages all of her friends in group to run around and play nice, but isn’t afraid to let the wild ones know when they need to calm down. When there is a slight break from playing, she will make her way to the handler in group and ask with loving eyes for a pat on the head and gives them a gentle leg lean. It’s your time to shine Daisy K!  Enjoy the spotlight!  We love you!!

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