Congrats, Angus!

Added on June 1, 2017

“Big Angus” is a 3 year old boxer who has been attending Central Bark Sheboygan for over three years now and is our June 2017 Dog of the Month.   This high energy pup has the zest for life that we all wish we had! Angus comes through the door ready to play and have fun.  He doesn’t slow down until nap time and then again until he goes home.  Angus is a true player and plays with everyone out in group but does have his special playmates he gravitates toward including his girlfriend Rayna  (Doberman) along with other playmates including Groot (Great Dane), Chalupa (Plothound), and Lucy K (Yellow Lab).  You’ll also find Angus hanging out by the pool and playing with toys.  Just watching him brings a smile to the handler’s faces.  You are one of a kind, Angus, and we love you!  Enjoy your month in the spotlight.

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