Congrats, Aiden!

Added on March 2, 2017

Let’s celebrate Mardi Gras with Aiden as our March “Dog of the Month”.   Aiden, is a loving 4-1/2 year old pit bull who’s enjoyed coming to Central Bark since 2013. This youngster is one of the more playful boys in the big dog group, which nets him a lot of exercise.  He gets right out there with the rest of the gang, and everyone knows when Aiden is in the house.  Aiden’s best friends are Della (a beautiful german shepherd), Watson, and Murphee (both yellow labs).  However, Aiden doesn’t discriminate and will play with almost anyone who can keep up with him.   And at the end of the day when his human dad comes to pick him up his is lovingly greeted with a “Hey Dude!” and a pat on the head.  We love you Aiden!  Enjoy your time in the spotlight.  You deserve it!

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