Congrats, Maebel!

Meet Maebel! This high energy 2 year old Standard Poodle Mix has not only won the hearts of the canine caregivers, the other canine kids love her too. You will see that her friends are too numerous to mention if you watch our videos on YouTube or Facebook. She plays with everyone! However, Yankee, a 4 year old Goldendoodle, is her boyfriend. Maebel’s favorite toy is the Goughnut. She prances around with one in her mouth trying to entice the others to chase her for it. Every now and then she takes time to rinse it in the swimming pool! Maebel also enjoys singing with our canine chorus and as busy as she is during play time, she takes time to greet the caregivers so they don’t feel left out! July belongs to you Maebel! It’s your time to shine!



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