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The bond with your furry best friend is incomparable, but our busy lives can make it tough to meet all their health and happiness needs. This can lead to problems like loneliness, boredom, weight gain, anxiety, and unwanted behaviors. This is where our Rochester doggy day care comes in.

Central Bark® Rochester offers a safe and loving space where your dog can play and learn. With socialization, mental stimulation, and physical exercise, we provide everything their minds and bodies require for a healthy and joyful life.

Our emphasis on canine enrichment elevates your dog’s overall well-being, promoting problem-solving, skill-building, and confidence through enjoyable and rewarding activities. Rest assured, your dog is having a fantastic time with their pals, as Enrichment Doggy Day Care is our specialty.

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A Healthy, Balanced Day

Enrichment Doggy Day Care offers a well-rounded mix of play, exercise, socialization, learning, rest, and tender loving care, tailored to your dog’s individual needs. This holistic approach nurtures their physical, mental, and sensory well-being, ensuring you have a healthy, happy, calm, and well-rounded companion at home.

  • Play, Exercise, and Socialization: Exercise helps maintain your dog’s physical health and mood, providing a positive outlet for their energy. It also fosters a well-socialized and contented dog. Our facility offers various playgroups in both indoor and outdoor spaces, accommodating your dog’s age, personality, and comfort level.
  • Rest: Adequate rest is essential for your dog’s overall health. Our daily schedule ensures they have the right balance of rest, play, and learning, preventing overstimulation.
  • Learning: Dogs learn from humans and other dogs, and our trained staff uses positive techniques to encourage safe play and reinforce healthy social behaviors during day care.
  • Love: Your dog becomes part of our family, receiving the attention and care they need. With regular attendance, we build a close bond with your dog, allowing us to better understand their personality, needs, preferences, and even notice subtle changes, such as mood swings or health issues.

Commitment to Safety

Our utmost concern is the safety and welfare of all our guests. Being dog parents ourselves, we deeply value each dog as if they were our own. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure a secure and healthy environment for everyone who steps into our facility.

Highly Trained and Caring Staff
Facility Design
Deep Cleaning + Disinfection
Health Requirements
Dog Behavior Assessments
Consistent Attendance

Central Bark® RochesterEnrichment Day Care Features

Central Bark doggy day care: a dog playgroup during a sunny day

Flexible Group Play

Our flexible playgroups provide tailored social experiences for your dog, ensuring a balanced mix of play, rest, and learning in a safer, higher-quality environment. Our lower dog-to-staff ratios mean more individualized attention and care.

Central Bark trainer pointing her finger at four large dogs that are sitting down at a doggy day care

Group Play Skills

Engaging group activities and positive reinforcement assist dogs in mastering essential skills such as name recall, group sitting, and calmly navigating doors and gates. These enjoyable and rewarding activities enhance behavior, impulse control, and contribute to a safer social environment, all while your dog has a great time.

Central Bark doggy day care: a white-brown dog eating out of a treat toy

Rest Period Enrichment

Your dog enjoys a tranquil retreat with customized toys and food, fostering mental and physical relaxation while promoting a balanced mix of play, learning, and rest. This also aids in creating positive crate associations.

Central Bark Rochester trainer with a corgi beside her at a doggy day care

One-on-One Enrichment

Personalized One-on-One Enrichment sessions offer your dog individual attention and the opportunity to engage their senses with interactive toys and activities, promoting both mental and physical stimulation.

Rochester Doggy Day Care Pricing

Enrichment Doggy Day Care
Full day with one rest period enrichment session included.
Mini Paw 10 Pack440
Super Paw 20 Pack860
Monthly VIP Pack
• Unlimited doggy day care
• One bath included each month
• 15% off all retail purchases
Day care for dogs that are not enrolled in our day care program. This includes one-one-one sessions. Each dog plays in their own space to ensure the safety and comfort of all dogs.
Behavior Assessment
One-time, nonrefundable fee due on the first visit. All dogs must pass a behavior assessment and attend at least once per week for enrollment in our day care program.
What’s a Behavior Assessment?

Training & Enrichment Add-ons

Training Tutor
One-on-one training session during your dog’s visit to practice important cues and behavior skills. Packages available.
One-on-One Enrichment
Personalized session during your dog’s visit with interactive toys, puzzles, and games to exercise your dog’s body and mind. 
Rest Period Enrichment
Private space with calming interactive food toy to help your dog achieve a healthy balance of activity and rest. 
If you have any concerns about food sensitivities or destructive tendencies, please speak to an associate at the front desk to discuss available options.

Additional fees may apply for special requests (i.e., meds, food packaging, etc.).
Late fees apply after business hours.
Prepaid packages are nonrefundable and expire. All sales are final.

Forrest L
Grooming A+++ I brought my older, thick-haired matted mini Aussie in recently.After multiple failed attempts to try and clean him up with those $30-60 clippers - and other local groomers that just completely botched him.. -I decided that he’s best left with the pros and CB seemed to be great. [...]
Madi M
Our pup has been going to Central Bark for daycare & grooming for over a year now, and we are so happy June can call this her home away from home. The Central Bark team is so sweet & accommodating. June always is so excited as we pull into the [...]
Billy M
Staff always has a smile and they genuinely enjoy being with our dog. We primarily use their grooming services and haven’t had an issue.
Kalan S
Central Bark is the epitome of Top Notch. From ownership to employees, their biggest focus and concern is the health and happiness of your dog. The Enrichment Day Care program helps your dog grow and improve everyday. Lola is a big fan of the treats and dog food options but [...]
Angela H
Amazing, friendly staff who go above and beyond for the dogs and their owners. Locally owned with Midwest service and hospitality
Rhonda A
Bow wow everybody. My name is Petey and I have to tell you that I have the best time at Central Bark! I get so excited when mom tells me I get to go play I nearly break the glass door trying to get in. I’ve met a lot of [...]
Becky M
Everything about Central Bark in Rochester is excellent. The staff are so welcoming and accommodating. Christine the groomer is simply fantastic and not only loves our pup, but is a skilled and careful groomer. Our pup needs special grooming to ensure she stays mat and tangle free. Christine is knowledgeable [...]
Caroline B.
My Poppy gets so excited when she knows she is going to Central Bark! Lenny and all his staff are great! I think they love her as much as I do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that the play space is clean, odor & disease-free, comfortable and safe for the stated capacity of the center?

Central Bark® is licensed and inspected by local government or regulatory authorities. We also clean and disinfect nightly, regardless of how many dogs have visited.

Learn more about our commitment to safety

Are the facilities well equipped with toys?

Central Bark® has plenty of tennis balls and toys for everyone. The dogs could ask for nothing more!

How do I Request a Reservation for a Day Care or Sleepover service in my online account?

Step 1: Login

  1. Click the “Client Login” option found at the bottom of all pages on our website. 
  2. Enter either your email address or phone number that you signed up with 
  3. Click “continue logging in”
  4. Then enter your password and click “Sign In”

Step 2: Request Services

You will now see the page below. From this page you can do a number of things along with requesting a reservation from the drop downs including editing your information, editing your pet’s info, adding/removing pets, checking your package credits, purchasing package credits, and adding/editing/changing photos.

  1. Click the blue “request services” button 
  2. In the popup window, click the “Book Day Care or Sleepover Now!” button 

Step 3:  Select a Service Type

  1. Scroll down past the notes (after you have read them) until you get to the “Details” section. 
  2. Click on the drop-down in the “Type” row and choose your reservation type. 
  3. Note: Grooming requests cannot be made through the customer portal. Please call (507) 322-6655 to schedule an appointment.

Step 4: Make Your Reservation Request

  1. Choose the pet or pets you would like to add to this reservation 
  2. Choose the date you are looking for 
  3. You may edit the drop-off and pick-up time from within our open hours, if you know those approximations 
  • You can set up “recurring dates” for the same day/days each week for a timeframe 
  • You can add additional reservations for other days at the same time. 

Step 5: Add-on Services and Notes

  1. You may add any additional services (such as enrichment training, training tutor, special meals (outside of lunch), salon and spa services, etc, to their reservation. 
  2. You may add any notes that you would like us to see in the notes box 
  3. You may run an estimate for the total cost of your reservation request (please note that the charges for “additional services” such as salon and spa, may vary from the default that shows in the estimate) 
  4. Once you have added everything you want, click “Save” in the lower right corner 

Your Done!

You should see the page below if everything went through correctly. You will get an email confirmation when your reservation has been accepted and confirmed, if you are added to a waitlist, or if it is denied. 

What are One-on-One Enrichment sessions?

Our One-on-One Enrichment sessions give your dog the freedom to safely explore their senses with an Enrichment Specialist. They’ll get the personal attention they love, supplemented with interactive toys, puzzles, and games that exercise their bodies and minds. They can also level up their skills with fitness training and agility exercises if they’re ready for more. 

Did you know? 15 minutes of mental activity is equal to 30 minutes of physical exercise!

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Central Bark® Whole Dog Care

Our whole dog care approach offers a full range of fun and personalized products and services. To promote your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional health and happiness throughout their entire life.