A Better Alternative to Dog Boarding

At Central Bark Doggy Day Care Philadelphia, we do not consider ourselves a traditional dog kennel or dog boarding facility.  We consider ourselves the “Unkennel.”

Our doggy sleepovers are an extension of Central Bark Doggy Day Care services, exclusive to our regular day care clients ONLY.  We know your dog and they know us, reducing the stress, separation anxieties and other concerns associated with traditional kennel and dog boarding settings.  For these dogs, sleepovers are slumber parties with all of their friends in familiar surroundings.

Overnight stays at Central Bark include regular day care services.  Dogs spend the night in an appropriately-sized crate for comfort and safety.

Traditional boarding is not only stressful on your pup, but it can be stressful for you, the parent, also.  At Central Bark, our goal is to make you and your pup feel as comfortable as possible during the time that you are away from each other.

Rest assured that all the dogs in our care get special personal attention from our staff.  Both weekday and weekend bookings are available.  Weekend stays get plenty of playtime each day, so not to worry.  They’re still running with pack!
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One Dog
(per 24 hour period & includes day care)
Two Dogs
(per 24 hour period & includes day care)
One Dog Luxury Dog Den
(per 24 hour period & includes day care)
Two Dogs Luxury Dog Den
(per 24 hour period & includes day care)
Barkley Pack Sleepover
Free sleepover upgrade to Luxury Den (subject to availability)
Sleepover 10 Pack* $560

*Sleepover 10 Pack expires 12 weeks after date of purchase.