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Congratulations Amos & Columbo

July 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Where do we start? Amos & Columbo the Brother Corgi’s who have been attending daycare since 2010 & 2012. They both are some old school pals Amos came to us as a little tiny innocent baby corgi & Columbo joined the pack a little later in the years. They still join a day of place […]

Congratulations Ambrosia

June 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Ambrosia is one of our old school buds and has been attending daycare at central bark since back in 2016. She joins us for a day of play almost everyday of the week and boy does she have fun. She just recently got a pittie brother named Murphy and she told him all about the […]

Congratulations Monty

May 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Monty aka Aqua Pup has been attending daycare since 2016 and since then he has made his name known. Monty is a regular here at the bark and each morning when he comes in he is very excited that he can’t control the “Butt Wiggles”. If you don’t find Mr. Aqua pup with his whole […]

Congratulations Max

April 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Max became a Central Bark team member back in November of 2016 and since then he’s been back each and every day for some fun with his pals. Most day’s for Max are full of all kinds of fun because he is just a ball of energy and everyone loves him even the handlers who […]

Congratulations Brodie

March 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Brodie joined our Central Bark pack back in 2016 when he was just a shy little pup. Now when we see Brodie he’s either romping around with his friends or trying to sneak in a few treats from our treat machine. Now Brodie may have days where he is a tired old man and just […]