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Taking a break is great, but leaving home overnight can be tough on both you and your dog. Our Central Bark® dog boarding service provides your dog a calm, cozy night in a familiar and comfortable setting. This eases the stress of being away from home and assures you that they’re safe and looked after.

And that’s not all! We’ve got more to make your dog’s sleepover extra special:

  • Personalized Attention: Our dedicated staff gives your dog individual care throughout their stay.
  • Comfortable Area: Your dog gets a comfy space to relax and sleep, ensuring a restful night.
  • Exciting Activities: We offer fun activities to keep your dog engaged and mentally active during their stay.
  • Social Time: Your dog can have a blast and make new furry buddies while they’re here.
  • Stay Updates: We’ll keep you informed about your dog’s stay, so you know how they’re doing.

With our dog boarding service in Orlando, your dog will have a fantastic time, while you enjoy your time away, knowing they’re content and well cared for

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for dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Doggy Day Care Program

We offer exciting sleepovers with their buddies when your family goes on vacation or is away for the night. These sleepovers provide your dog with a peaceful, soothing night in a familiar and cozy space.

Includes a complete day of Enrichment Day Care activities!


for occasional dog boarding guests

Our Stay-n-Play program offers boarding for dogs that are not currently enrolled in our day care program. Each overnight guest can get a restful night’s sleep, followed by a day of play, exercise, and plenty of TLC from our staff. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own designated areas. 


 *Sleepovers are for dogs enrolled in our day care program and include a full day of enrichment doggy day care with each 24 hour stay.

Upgrade to a luxury den for an extra $5/night.

Sleepover (Member)
24-hour stay. Full day of Enrichment Day Care included.
Sleepover (Non-Member)
24-hour stay. Full day of Enrichment Day Care included.
For dogs not enrolled in our day care program. Each 24 hour stay includes a luxury den and one-on-one sessions. Each dog plays in their own space to ensure the safety and comfort of all dogs. 

Day Care enrollment required for Sleepovers except Stay-n-Play. Fees may apply for special drop-off or pick-up arrangements. Sunday/Holiday pick-up fee is $10. All sales are final.    

Read our Sleepover Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding gives your dog a safe and comfortable place to spend the night when they can’t be home overnight. It can last for just one night or for a week or more at a time. At Central Bark®, we offer Sleepovers to dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Day Care […]

What’s a Behavior Assessment and why is it important?

As part of joining the Central Bark® family, our expert staff conducts a thorough behavior assessment at your local Central Bark store. These assessments help ensure that your dog is placed with a playgroup they’re comfortable with so they can play safely every day they’re with us. This four-day evaluation, […]

Does someone stay overnight at dog boarding?

No. After a day of play, most dogs settle quietly to their crate or luxury den and sleep through the night. Most Central Bark stores have cameras to monitor these areas. All of our stores have fire and motion-monitored security systems with keyed-in codes for staff to enter when they […]

Is boarding stressful for dogs?

Sleeping in a new or unfamiliar environment can be stressful for some dogs. That’s why we offer sleepovers to dogs already enrolled in our Enrichment Day Care.  Sleepovers at Central Bark® offer your dog a calm, relaxing sleepover in a place they can feel comfortable and loved. Because they’re in […]

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