Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be a member? 

Members have reserved space, a recurring weekly schedule, and a credit card on file for automatic hands-free payments. All dogs, whether members or non-members, must still pass a behavior assessment and attend at least once per week for enrollment in our day care program. 

How do I become a member?

Simply speak with a Central Bark team member to get set up! 

What will the pricing and member perks be? 

Like so many businesses, our operating costs continue to climb, but we will never sacrifice on the care for your dogs. While our pricing will be adjusted slightly, members will always receive the lowest rates depending on how often you come, just like in our old pricing structure. Pricing options and member perks are listed in the chart below.

What if I want to schedule and pay as I go? 

Non-Members can schedule and pay as they go, subject to availability. Just remember, as part of our safety program, all dogs enrolled in our program, member or non-member, must attend at least once per week.

Why are Non-Members charged a higher rate? 

Memberships allow us to be more efficient with staffing so we can spend less time on scheduling and payments and more time doing what we do best, enriching your dog’s lives!

Why do we offer a weekly membership program?

Consistent weekly attendance helps promote safety, comfort, and positive socialization for the dogs. Simplifying our scheduling and payment process makes it easier for you and reduces the time our staff spends on these tasks. This means we can have even more time to do what we do best, enriching your dog’s life! Special member perks are our way of thanking you for choosing Central Bark for your dog’s care.

Do Member and Non-Member dogs receive the same care? 

Absolutely! The membership program is simply about how you schedule and pay for your visits to create operational efficiencies so we can spend more time with you and your pups, and less time on clerical tasks. 

As a member with a recurring schedule, can I add or change a day if I need to?

If you need to add or change a day, speak with one of our team members. Our membership program will remain flexible enough to accommodate changes. While all scheduling changes are subject to availability, preference will be given to members.  

Can I cancel and restart my membership?

Yes, we require 2 weeks’ notice to cancel and there is a 2-week waiting period to restart your membership after cancellation. Additionally, cancellation results in losing your reserved spot on your desired day(s). When you return, your desired day may or may not be available and you may need to be on a waitlist and/or attend on a different day. During the 2-week waiting period to restart your membership once you return, you would be subject to the higher non-member rate. 

What if my dog is sick and cannot attend on their normal member days? 

If your pup is sick, give us a call, and let’s discuss some options. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and happy, which means keeping sick dogs home and healthy dogs here. 

If you have more questions and we’re happy to answer them. Please arrange to speak with a member of our team at your convenience to learn more about our Central Bark Enrichment Dog Day Care Membership Program.