Doggy Training

Trainer: Janice DeMadona 

Janice DeMadona has been training dogs professionally since 1998 and was one of the first individuals to be certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (2002 – 2007) when she earned her CPDT certification. She continues to stay up-to-date on science-based learning theory for animals and positive force-free methods of dog training through educational workshops and webinars from some of the best animal behaviorists in the country. Janice strives to make training fun for people and their dogs. She believes that it’s important that people know how they can incorporate training into their daily lifestyle. Private in-home lessons are available as well as group classes at Central Bark in Oak Creek. Puppies beginning at 8 weeks old to adult dogs can learn good manners. After beginning class any dog can benefit from and enjoy advanced distraction training and trick training. Janice also enjoys trick training which is particularly helpful during long Wisconsin winters when longs walks with your dog is difficult. Group classes and private lessons for owners who want to do some “showing off” with their dogs are also available. Shy and fearful dogs are a specialty for Janice, working with owners on behavioral issues for reactivity and aggression. Contact Janice at or by phone at 414-870-DOGS (3647)