Congrats Molly!

Added on May 1, 2019

Meet our dog of the month for May, Molly! Most affectionately know as “Big Mol”, this 13-year-old lab always has some pep in her step, despite her age. For years when she’s been coming, she runs through the doors and announces her presence with a few happy “woofs” because she just can’t wait to be here! Miss Molly loves to spend her time in group with the other “old gals” Sasha and Millie and her other pals Bode and Chance. You can always find her relaxing in the sunshine or taking a quick dip in the pool when it gets hot out. Molly likes to let out some gleeful barks as she’s leaving the crate room just to make sure the other dogs know that it’s her turn to go outside. This feisty girl has her daily routine down and knows that she’ll get a bunch of belly rubs and love in return for being so good. Big Mol, you’re the true queen of the daycare, and we hope you enjoy your month of fame!