Congrats Big Lilly!

Added on April 1, 2019

April’s dog of the month is Lilly (affectionately known as “Big Lilly”)! This 3-year-old St. Bernard is sweet and energetic and is sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone here at CB New Berlin when she comes through the doors. She loves to give the handlers big, drooly kisses when she isn’t playing with her squad: Leonard, Jake, Duke, and Millie. She absolutely loves to run around and play with her favorite quartet but will happily take some time to make friends with any daycare first-timers that she meets. Lilly never wants to stop playing and shows this by running outside into group and only strolling back inside to her den when it’s over. Have a great time being our dog of the month because we all love you, Big Lilly, just as much as you love being here!