Congrats, Koda!

Added on October 1, 2013

Give it up for Koda October’s dog of the month! This little firecracker sure knows how to have fun she is a 3 year old Blue Healer who is just the life of the party! Koda has been turning the volume up here since 2010 and we have enjoyed every minute with this wild child. Koda loves to run so anyone who chases her is her best friend some include; Tola, Calista, Riley and her BFF is another dog named Koda crazy coincidence. When she isn’t running around she loves to stand watch on top a dog house and patrol the group or get some love from the handlers but watch out for her sneak attack of kisses. This girl definitely doesn’t know she is a smaller dog, we call her “little tank” because she is one strong little dog who can play with the big guys and be a bit of a “tomboy” but she can pull her weight and show them who is boss! Congrats Koda soak up the fame this month!

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