Congrat’s Jax!

Added on November 1, 2013

This little guy is Jax he is a 3 year old Yorkie mix and is our November dog of
the month! When Jax started Central Bark in 2010 he was just a mere 2lbs, but
that didn’t stop him from playing with the big dogs one bit. We all know when he
has arrived at school due to his loud scream/bark that he does starting from
outside, one thing is for sure it’s a nice wakeup call in the morning. Jax has
found true love at daycare they go by Chance and Calista two huskies that Jax
goes nuts for every time he sees them. Since day one here these three have been
inseparable they can be found chasing each other around group or just relaxing
in the sun all snuggled up with one another. Jax is always looking sharp due to
his monthly visits to our groomer where he gets his awesome Mohawk which fits
this guy perfectly. We love having this crazy pup here at Central Bark he makes
every Friday that much better! Congrats Jaxsicle!

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