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Dog of the Month

Congrats, Maddy & Sadie!

This month we’re honoring Sadie & Maddy, the cutest couple on the playground. Their parents Ryan and Sarah adopted Sadie early last year, and just a few months later decided it was time for a play mate. Sadie couldn’t have agreed more!  So along came Maddy, a welcome addition to the family. When they’re here at day care they’re often seen together, but they have their own groups of pals too. Sadie’s quite the athlete and will jump feet into the air to catch a ball!  Maddy’s pretty fond of her pal Louie, who she enjoys long games of chase with. One thing’s for sure…they love each other to pieces!  So this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we congratulate you girls. It goes to show how much love a rescued dog can bring into someone’s life- the parents’ and the dogs’!