Thank goodness for Theo!

Added on September 1, 2019

September can be a tall order, what with the school year under way and the colder weather on the horizon. Here at the Eastside we’re leaning on the perfect pup to help us through the mayhem; cool, calm and collected on leash, and a beast in play– Theo’s the most handsome Great Dane around! Theo started at the Beastside as a wee tot, growing up with his puppy friends Boomer and Roary. Now he’s still friends with Boomer, along with many of group 3s gentle giants: Dilly, Koda, Kelso, and Mozzy. Tuesdays have enjoyed the height advantage of Theo, easily earning him a place among our handlers’ favorite pooches—and how could he not be, look how handsome! Wishing you and your family a smooth start to fall, and good luck on your year-end adventures! Congrats Theo, Eastside’s September Dog of the Month!