Live, Laugh, Layla!

Added on October 1, 2019

Spooky and sassy go hand-in-hand here at the Eastside; from bats in the sky to large-eared ladies in group. Goughnuts see her in their worst nightmares, and no ball goes unfetched with this wicked athlete around—this October Eastside celebrates the goofiest, sassiest, spunkiest Layla we know! Easier than a witch on her broom, Layla flies over our fences at lunch time (or any other time she sees fit), and she’s an expert in-crate negotiator for more treats or 5 more minutes for lunch. Howling is not just a nighttime activity for this feisty girl, from drop off to pick up she’s got something bewitching to say. Affection’s abound for Layla’s favorite handlers, from chest-bumps to full hugs; she’s got us like kids waiting for candy. A chilling congrats to Layla, Eastside’s October Dog of the Month!