Itty Bitty Itsy!

Added on February 1, 2020

Here comes February, careening at us like love at first sight. With flushed cheeks and happy hearts, we’ve got Cupid’s arrow pointed at a very special dog this month! We couldn’t help but fall in love with her puppy antics, and now, some 3 years later we’re still head over heels for the cutest, bitiest, little bitty Itsy! Itsy’s been a multi-day-per-week regular for years! She’s dappled in shuttle rides, training tutor sessions, AND salon visits- so you know she’s got everyone here in the palm of her paw from groomers to handlers to shuttle drivers alike! Some of her favorite doggy pals include Sven, Louis and Maui, but she’s usually ready to play with just about anyone! Flowers and chocolates abound to our loveliest, little lady as she celebrates her reign as February Dog of the Month!