In Honor of Holly

Added on January 1, 2020

With a new decade upon us, we’d like to remember, for a while, pack members lost in past years. We’ll focus on 2019 and honor a dog familiar to many Eastsiders, Ms Big-Head-on-the-gate Holly. Memorable for her striking features, Holly was a Cane Corso; part of the mastiff family, she was a fiercely loyal companion. Her boof was the boof heard ‘round the world, and her howl erupted from the yards nearly every day. Some of her favorite singing buddies included Storm, Violet and Baron. A staple of the office around drop-off time, Holly always had a good nose for cookies- but her favorites by far were Dave’s meatballs. With these fond memories, we can smile through the tears-shed; and we find comfort knowing she waits with so many of our best friends across the rainbow bridge. We miss you Marshmallow, Jett, Dash, Gordon, Gracie, Lakota, Jasper, and so many others, we can’t wait to see you again. Happy birth month, HowlP, and congratulations on your Dog of the Month status in the sky!