Fezzik Fanatics!

Added on September 1, 2020

Fuzzy, fashionable, fun-loving; fall is our favorite time of year at the Eastside! We can think of no better friend than Fezzik to spend fireside this extended camping season; we are delighted to spend our Wednesdays with this snuggly boy! Fezzik started his daycare career about 3 years ago, gracing our puppy group with his goofy presence and making gobs of good friends. Some of his longtime playmates include the beautiful ladies: Yuffie, Hattie, Chestnut, and Annie. Can you tell he is a lady’s man? He could spend all rotation giving them kisses and offering them play bows (and sometimes he does!) We find ourselves profoundly fortunate to have found a friend like Fezzik, and we look forward to friendships and fond memories abound! Congratulations to Fezzik, Eastside’s September Dog of the Month!