Cherishing Chestnut and Jack

Added on August 1, 2020

The dog days are here, Beastside! With rising temperatures and increasing sunshine, we’re doing our best to stay cool- something our August Dogs of the Month excel at! Please join us as we celebrate 2 dogs from a Beastside Legacy Family- Jack and Chestnut! They’re the 3rd and 4th dogs brought to us by a wonderful Eastside family, we can’t help but have fond memories of their predecessors Lucy&Marshmallow. Both kids have been attending Central Bark since puppyhood, growing up and graduating through the group ranks. Ms Chestnut came first, and what a wild child she was! She played with an energetic cast of puppies including: Leeloo, Pudge, and Razzle! Now a full grown lass, Chestnut is a handler favorite and loves cuddles and pets. She displays her wild side every once in awhile, favoring dogs like Bear H, Millie S, and Arrow. Mr Jack has found himself in with the big boy group fairly quickly, making fast friends with Jenner, Xena, and Lilly- what can we say, he’s a ladies man! When Jack grows up, he’d love to be a Central Bark Dog Handler- the herding dog in him loves to keep things in order! Congratulations and THANK YOU to Jack, Chestnut and family for enriching our lives with several lifetimes of good memories.