Appreciation Aplenty for Apollo and Artemis

Added on November 1, 2020

We’ve got a hundred and one reasons to be thankful this holiday season, you & your dog are certainly two of them! With each Dog of the Month celebration, we hope to portray even just an inkling of how grateful we are to know your dogs. This month, we’d like to give first, second and third helpings of gratitude to our favorite twins: Apollo and Artemis! From puppyhood to present, these 1.5 year olds have been brightening our days Monday through Friday. Sweet as pumpkin pie, these siblings could thrive in any of our 4 groups. Some of their favorite friends include Winnie, Millie and Kelso, and of course they dish out love to every handler around. With humans and kind as they are, it’s no wonder we’re appreciative aplenty of Apollo and Artemis!