Congrats, Diesel & Thor!

Meet September’s Dog of the Month Representatives, Diesel and Thor! Diesel, a 3 year old Briard and Thor, a 2 year old Terrier Mix may seem like an unconventional combination, but they actually have a lot in common. Both are avid ball players-one is slightly more coordinated than the other-though we’re not going to tell you which one 😉 and they are both swim enthusiasts. You can find either one lounging or dipping their toes in both the big and little pools. These boys are very athletic! While Thor looks up to his big brother, always making sure he’s doing ok before running off to play with his friends, Diesel knows that Thor doesn’t really need to be looked after, and quickly runs off to play. Both dogs have a multitude of friends. Diesel is generally seen in the company of Marco Polo , Huxtable, Wembley and yes, even though they see each other every day at home, Diesel even makes time to play with his little bro. Thor can also be seen playing with Diesel’s “big boy crew” but does enjoy wrestling with some dogs closer in his weight class like Charlie, Jolie, Bella and Kiya. They may look like the odd couple, but they couldn’t be more alike! Congratulations Diesel & Thor!


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