Congrats, Angel!

Congratulations to Angel for helping ring in the new year as Central Bark Northside’s dog of month! Angel is a 7 year old White German Shepherd who has been visiting us every week for 3 years. When she walks through the door each week, Angel is very excited and ready to jump into her play day with all her buddies, which include Murphy, Jett, and Adeline (just to name a few)! Angel loves to play, chase, share goughnuts and Kongs with all her buddies, and loves to help her favorite handlers by taking the gate keeper position! As much fun as Angel has running and digging through the snow, she is an all season’s type of gal! Angel loves her pool time in the summer too! Her personality is just as special as her color, and just as bold. Angel is as smart as a whip and as sweet as candy! If you would like to see some of what we do check her striking pictures out on Facebook! These are some of the reasons that Angel is gracing us as J anuary 2014 dog of the month!


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