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Rescue Dog Searches For Mexico Earthquake Victims

September 24, 2017

Having already save 52 lives during her career, Frida is plunging back into the rubble to find more people. The six-year-old labrador has been deployed at disasters across Central and North America, participating in rescue missions in Haiti, Ecuador and Honduras. Her bravery and resourcefulness has even earned the praise of Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena […]


August 31, 2017

Meet the handsome Pudge! This 13 year old Black Lab is no stranger to the daycare routine as he has been at it for several years. He’s a calm, cool, and collected kind of guy who can hang out with all dogs from young to old. He’s a perfect gentleman and a great role model […]

What Your Dog’s Bad Behavior Says About You

August 26, 2017

If you live with a dog chances are, despite how much you love them, there are a few behaviors you’re just not that into. At our house, a nearly 13-year-old Pomeranian named Truffle is in charge and knows it. His frantic barking at every passerby, bird and rock drives us wild, but rather than deal […]


August 1, 2017

Meet the lovely Lily! A few months short of 13 years old, she can still be found chasing toys with those half her age. Dipping her toes in the pool or looking for you to start a fetch game, you’ll never find her sitting on the sidelines. It’s hard to believe that Lily used to […]

Fourth of July Safety

July 3, 2017

While it may seem like an obvious warning, the Fourth of July is not necessarily dog friendly. People who buy fireworks often start experimenting with them well before the actual holiday and sometimes long after the holiday is over. Whatever plans you have going on for the Fourth of July be sure to take into […]