Added on October 1, 2018

Meet our October Dog of the Month, Ruby! Would you believe this this little Dachshund was at one time standoffish, shy & skittish w/us? It took a little time, but soon Ruby was loving all the treats, pets and scratches that we offered her and making herself right at home here at Central Bark Downtown. Ruby loves spending time in lounging empty swimming pools, sunbathing on the play equipment or begging for an extra treat or 2 from her dog handler. It’s all in a days work for this super pup! She’s made great strides in the more than 3 years she’s been coming to us and slowly but surely, has learned to trust that we want nothing but the best for her. She can still be shy w/people she doesn’t know, but warms up quickly, especially if they have a treat! We’re proud to call her one of “Our Pack” and even prouder to call her our “Dog of the Month”. Way to go Ruby!!!