Added on September 1, 2018

Meet Ollie, our September Dog of the Month! We thought that since he would be turning 7 on the 23rd, this was a perfect time to do a little something extra special in honor of his birthday, especially because he’s been coming since he was just 3 months old! Ollie has practically been here his whole life but we’re pretty sure he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Coming 2 days a week, Ollie comes in cool as a cucumber, as he’s done this routine hundreds of times before. Once you get him back behind closed doors though, look out. He’s a man on a mission! Barking up a storm, Ollie is ready for the day to begin NOW. At let out, he runs fast as he can outside to his playgroup and gets ready for action. Summer, of course, is his favorite season, as he just can’t get enough of the swimming pools. You see, he’s got this special trick where he paws the water, creates a tiny splash, then chomps down on on it as it flies up in the air. It’s probably one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen, hands down. Once Ollie has had his fun, it’s rest time and boy can this guy lounge. It’s like he took a class in it or something. He can make any position look comfortable. Such talent! Oh Ollie, we don’t know why we didn’t make you Dog of the Month sooner. Congratulations!