Added on August 3, 2018

Meet Miss Meredith, our August Dog of the Month! She wiggles in every Monday, Wednesday & Friday with the attitude, “Outta my way, I’m ready to play”! Without so much as a look over her shoulder to say goodbye to Mom or Dad, Meredith will either pull her way toward the playgroup or flip over for a belly rub. After that, it’s off to group for some zoomies and acrobats. Racing around group til her little legs need some rest, she pauses for a few moments, then dazzles us with some truly astounding leaps to the top of the play equipment, where she pauses again, just for a brief moment, to let us take a photo, and then she off and running again. This pretty much lasts all day until, finally, the end of the day rolls around and she has no choice but to sit & wait patiently for her parents to come pick her up. With one last burst of energy, she flies through the door and is reunited w/Mom & Dad and eager to tell them about her day. We love her energetic spirit and happy-go-lucky take on life and feel she deserves to be named Dog of the Month! Congratulations, Meredith!