Added on December 1, 2017

Meet Maddie or as we call her, Maddie Mermaid! An interesting nickname for sure, but one that fits her well. Maddie tends to kick out her back legs and walk around on her front like it’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s one of the most adorable mannerisms we’ve ever seen and she’s the only dog here that does it. That’s not her only talent of course. She is a master at sitting for treats, begging for treats and eating treats! In all seriousness, Maddie is just a sweet, friendly gal that wants nothing more than to enjoy life and spend some time with some of her favorite dogs and people at day care twice a week. We know she’ll be thrilled to hear that she was chosen as Central Bark Downtown’s 2017 December Dog of the Month and will do us proud. Congratulations!