Congrats, Penny!

Added on February 1, 2018

Meet Penny! This lovable seven year old Lab mix has been attending daycare for several years now and she sure knows the ins and outs of the daycare routine. Whether she is arriving for daycare or a sleepover, she always pulls her parents through the door in excitement to greet all her human friends. On the playground, she knows all the best spots to do some sunbathing and enjoys an occasional dip in the pool during the summer months. When it’s time to play you may find her romping around with one of her many pals from Gunner to Griffin or her best friend Gracie. She always makes sure to stop by her handler and give a nudge for some extra love and attention in between play sessions. Penny is a big sweetheart which makes her the perfect valentine and recipient of the February Dog of the Month award! Congratulations!