Added on March 1, 2018

Please help us Congratulate, Bourbon, our March 2018 Dog of the Month! Bourbon is just over 6 years of age, but still acts much like a puppy. Paling around with his posse, Graham & Bugsy, these 3 amigos stick together on Wednesdays for an all day play-a-thon. It’s hard to tear them apart from one another as they are almost inseparable once they get going; but a treat normally does the trick! Besides hanging with his buddies, Bourbon is also a master pool digger-you should see the water fly in the summer as we fill up the pools-as fast as the water goes in, Bourbon has got it flying out-and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! When the day is done, Bourbon VERY slowly walks out to greet his parents at the end of the night; sometimes even too tired to make it the last few steps, he needs a little coaxing to keep him moving. A true day care dog. Way to go, Bourbon! You really know how to make the most of it!