Congrats, Wilson!

Added on January 1, 2015

What can I say about Wilson?  When he’s not busy getting butt scratches, he’s keeping group safe by chasing away all the shadows…especially those pesky bird shaped ones.  Once it’s time to go home, you’ll be lucky to catch him!  Willie is typically a pretty mellow guy, but when he knows mom’s here, he goes wild!  Every Tuesday and Thursday mom is greeted with a bark (or two) hello from out in playgroup, a sprint to the door, and a bucking bronco act that gives the rodeo a run for its money.  He tries to calm down the bucking, but he’s so excited to see mom (and his after school treats) he can barely contain himself!  You always bring a smile to our faces, and we love you for it!  We hope you enjoy being our dog of the month, Wilson, because you’ve earned it!!

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