Congrats, Maggie!

Added on December 1, 2014

“Wake up, Maggie, I think I’ve got something to say to you…”That’s right, Maggie Mae, you’re NOT dreaming, you ARE December’s Dog of the Month! It’s not difficult to tell when Maggie is excited about something. You see her eyes light up, her mouth widens and yes, sometimes her little tongue just dangles like a…well, like a tongue. So when do we see this face? Why, when the toys come out, of course! Even as a small pup, Maggie was a fetch master. Beating most, if not all the other dogs to the toy first, and it continues to this day. No one knows quite how she became so good at it; a lot of practice, I’m guessing, but hands down, she has got some moves we’ve never seen before from any dog. Way to go Maggie Mae, those moves finally landed you the coveted title of Dog of the Month!


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