Congrats, Linus!

Added on November 1, 2014
Meet Linus, our November Dog of the Month!
Little Linus only started a few months ago but has been a faithful visitor ever since. Arriving on Monday mornings, he perks us all up with that big smile of his. He and his mom worked very hard socializing him before trying out day care and guess what? It’s a perfect fit! Linus loves his Monday buddies and is never too tired after his long weekend to race through the door bright and early, ready to play. He especially likes his pals Ezra, Boots and Mugzeys who seem to know just when Linus arrives because they tend to run right to him and ask, “wanna play?”  At 4 years old, he’s still got a long day care life ahead of him and we’re glad he’s chosen to spend it with us.

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