Congrats, Langkawi!

Added on October 1, 2014
“I’m ready for my close up” is what Langkawi, our October Dog of the Month seems to be saying in her photo. This 7 year old Cocker Spaniel has captured the hearts and minds of all who have the pleasure of knowing her. She wiggles right through the front door and into the waiting arms of any dog handler that is lucky enough to receive her(though we know she’s always looking for her favorite person, Brooklyn;-) True to her breed, she’s a people pleaser, with a cheerful disposition. At day care, she’s happy to follow you around and request extra attention, but isn’t afraid to go off on her own and meet new friends. Here’s something you may not know about her; she is an excellent guard dog! What? Yup, if anyone happens to be roaming the parking lot, she is the 1st to let us that we should take note. Her intimidating bark is a warning to whomever may be lurking, “stand back, I’ve alerted my people, leave now or I’m coming after you!” Oh, Langkawi, you are too silly, but we appreciate the added security you provide and know you’ll be keeping us safe for many years to come! Congratulations on your title; you’ve earned it!

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