Congrats, Herky!

Added on September 1, 2014

Meet Herky, Central Bark Downtown’s September Dog of the Month! Now, some of you may think you know how he got his name; after all, this big, strong Yellow Lab looks like he could have easily been named after Hercules, when in actuality, he’s named after The Iowa Hawkeyes mascot, Herky the Hawk(who coincidentally was named in reference to Hercules). Sporting a Hawkeyes leash as well, he’s always ready to support his team! When not cheering on the Hawkeyes, you can find him hanging in group 3, talking football, running with his pals, splashing in the kiddie pools, having a cool drink(of water) and snuggling up to the handlers for extra pets and scratches. Herky is truly a well-loved dog by pooches and people alike; and a dedicated fan to boot. The season just began for the team but for Herky, it’s a year round occupation. Go Hawkeyes!

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