Congrats, Cal!

Added on March 1, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

Meet Cal! That face just says it all. “Here I am, I’m fun, throw the toy, treats please”. Not content to simply watch the day go by, Cal is an active participant the entire time he is here. From the short run to his playgroup, it’s “game on” as he arrives for the 1st order of business. It is now time for us to throw the toy, repeatedly. When fetch no longer holds his interest, it’s on to wrestling, usually with his best gal pal, Ezme. They are similar in play styles and therefore make a lovely couple to behold as they twist, turn and “dance” the day away in each others arms. No matter where you are in group, if you say the work “sit”, Cal is right there, sitting perfectly still, waiting to receive his reward-the treat. While he does need to watch his figure, he does receive small morsels every now and then to positively reinforce his impeccable manners. He has truly earned this honor and it is with great pleasure that we announce our April 2017 Dog of the Month, Congratulations, Cal!

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