Congrats, Bean!

Added on July 1, 2015

In 2012, we met a spirited, spunky, saucy, smoldering gray-colored Weimeraner mix named Bean. Oh, what a wonderful few years it’s been! A popular guy right from the start, he made more friends than he could count on all 4 paws! His killer smile combined with his grace, speed & agility in retrieving toys, catapulted him from a mere 1st day “student” to “day care stud” by the end of the day. Ever humble, Bean has never once let this go to his head. He can still be found playing with many members of his original crew and is always happy to welcome a new member to the pack. He has since continued to enjoy his popularity and now earns his rightful title as Central Bark Downtown’s 2015 July Dog of the Month-Congratulations Bean!

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