National Animal Safety & Prevention Month

Added on October 4, 2016

The month of October may be synonymous with candy and costumes, but this year we’d like to place an emphasis on animal safety too.

October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month, an entire month-long period dedicated to promoting safe practices for handling and caring for domestic and wild animals. Created by the PALS Foundation, National Animal Safety and Prevention Month highlights different ways people can demonstrate animal safety with practices that are simple yet often forgotten.

PALS is a foundation dedicated to helping animals and humans coexist in a way that benefits everything in nature. Part of the foundation’s belief is that humans need to truly understand and consider the value of animals, as well as the importance they play in the ecosystem’s equilibrium.

There are multiple ways animal owners and non-animal owners can participate in National Animal Safety and Prevention Month. First and foremost, animal owners can simply be aware of and understand the needs of household pets. Making sure animals are microchipped, and making sure dog identification tags are attached to collars are key safety measures. Additionally, all poisons and toxins like household cleaners should be kept out of reach. It’s also important to keep household pets in mind when creating any disaster escape plans.

For those who don’t own any animals, volunteering is always an option. Volunteering helps make sure no animal is left behind or neglected. It is also a good idea to visit a local zoo to get educated on animal care to gain more of an appreciation of animals.

Finally, both animal owners and non-animal owners can get involved in National Animal Safety and Prevention Month by spreading the word. The most important part of this month is awareness. Contact local newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations to see what it is they’re doing for this special month.

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