Fourth of July Safety

Added on July 3, 2017

While it may seem like an obvious warning, the Fourth of July is not necessarily dog friendly. People who buy fireworks often start experimenting with them well before the actual holiday and sometimes long after the holiday is over.

Whatever plans you have going on for the Fourth of July be sure to take into account what your dog is doing for the Fourth of July too.  It might not be such a great idea to leave your pup at home when the potential for anxiety and fear are high.  If you absolutely have to leave your dog by itself, consider turning up the volume on the TV or stereo to help muffle the sounds of the loud fireworks.

If your dog has a history of being afraid of fireworks, make sure all of your doors and windows are tightly closed.  Additionally, animal behavior experts explain that contrary to popular belief it is not a bad idea to comfort your scared dog.  When a dog is shaking and panting from fear, bring them up on the couch with you to cuddle.  Again, turn up the sound on the television and give your dog treats to make the situation a little more comfortable.

The most important thing is that the Fourth of July is safe for everyone involved, even your dog.

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