Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Added on September 17, 2016

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, in many different breeds and with different strengths and weaknesses.  In some cases, some dogs are more unique than others and are given different challenges like being born without hearing.

Deaf Dog Awareness Week is the last full week of September and serves to highlight the fact that although certain dogs might be deaf, they still make wonderful members of the family.  While their hearing might be reduced to nothing, deafness does not in any way reduce the animal’s potential for bringing joy and happiness.

In honor of Deaf Dog Awareness Week, below are a list of fun facts that you might not know!


  1. Some dogs are more prone to deafness than others. In fact, Australian shepherds, Boston terriers and Boxers are among the list of breeds prone to deafness.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, deaf dogs CAN bark.
  3. Many deaf dogs are white because dogs born without pigment are also missing “hearing cells”.
  4. Deaf dogs are just as trainable as dogs who can hear, they just learn through hand commands and different tricks.
  5. Just because a dog is deaf does not mean it will lack personality. Deaf dogs are as loveable and fun as any other kind of dog!

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