Our Drive. Our Duty. Our Dogs.

At Central Bark® our dedication to the canine community is a commitment from the top dogs down. All of our franchises participate in local charitable and educational events and donate profits to canine charities.

Our collective endeavors include educating the public on responsible pet care, supporting local rescue groups and encouraging positive canine development and growth. Whether we’re running an Adopt-A-Thon or dog wash for local rescue organizations, hosting a wine tasting for the dogs of Katrina, or sending food and supplies to rescue groups in need, Central Bark® will always support canine care awareness.

Find out how you can get involved today by going to your Central Bark® Doggy Day Care’s events page. Or if you are running an event or fundraiser for the canine community or having a community awareness event and would like our help, please contact the Central Bark® in your area and we’ll do our best to support the cause.

Dog Bless America

If efforts to support our drive and duty, we created our corporate charity program called Dog Bless America. In 2003 we designed a tribute t-shirt and dog bandana and donated 100% of the proceeds to our nation’s service dogs working with the military. The program grew when we combined efforts with Sister Pauline Quinn and Pathways to Hope in helping to provide needed service dogs for our injured Veterans returning home. In 2010 we continued to expand this canine commitment and we now work with a different dog charity every year.

Become a sponsor, organize your own local fund raiser or make a donation today! Then, wear your Dog Bless America T-Shirt in support! Learn more about our charities below.

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Our 2013 Charity: Hearts United for Animals

Hearts United for Animals

Specializing in long distance adoptions, Hearts United for Animals, HUA, is a national no kill shelter, sanctuary, and animal welfare organization that is dedicated to the relief of suffering. They take the creatures who are lost, afraid, hungry or ill and comfort them, give them a warm soft bed, good food, medical care and most of all, love. Founded over 20 years ago, HUA specializes in puppy mill rescues but they take in all lost souls.

HUA is located on a 65 acre farm in rural Nebraska. They currently have about 400 dogs and 20 cats at the shelter. HUA differs from other shelters because the dogs share large yards where they get to romp and play with friends. The dogs stay in villas or condos while at HUA, many of which have couches and chairs in them to help the dogs get ready for the transition to a new home. Most of the ‘staff’ at HUA are volunteers; they do this, and dedicate their lives, for the love of the animals.

The volunteers work daily with the dogs on training and socialization to better prepare them for their forever homes. Being puppy mill rescues, some of the dogs are there for quite a while as it can be a slow process getting them used to people. For the dogs that never get comfortable and can’t get adopted, they live out the rest of their days at HUA known as Sanctuary Sweethearts. The Sanctuary Sweethearts live full, comfortable, happy lives at Hearts United. It costs about

25 dollars a month to care for these special needs dogs. The Sweetheart Program allows people to sponsor one of the animals living at the shelter. They will send you a photo and information about the dog you are sponsoring and will update you on their lives during the year.

In 2003 Hearts United started a spay/neuter clinic on their campus. Since it’s opening, they have altered over 10,000 dogs and cats from the community. The cost is $35 which includes all vaccinations and the alteration. If the owner cannot afford the $35, HUA will waive the fee. The amazing thing about the clinic is that Hearts United doesn’t use it for the dogs and cats that come in to the shelter. They still go to their regular vet and pay to have it done. The reason? They don’t want to take away from the community’s opportunity to use the clinic.

Hearts United is not only about helping animals in need, they also help people in need. One of the truest testaments of this is their Tia’s Place program. Tia’s Place provides refuge to pets of families who are fleeing domestic violence. Many times people are reluctant to leave an abusive situation because they will not leave their pets. Often children and pets are the subject of the abuse themselves. Tia’s Place offers refuge for these pets and HUA will keep the pets safe until the family can create a new life and get their pet back. If they are unable to retrieve their pet, Hearts United will find a new home for the pet. HUA covers all costs for any animal in the program. Central Bark is honored to be working with HUA!

Pathways to Hope


Pathways To Hope is Community Collaborative, volunteer organization, committed to making a difference in people’s lives by creating Prison Dog Programs that helps inmates to be “other centered”, gives them an understanding of responsibility, mutual respect and dignity. In addition to helping humans, we are rescuing dogs from shelters that might otherwise be euthanized, these dogs are trained and either go on to be service dogs for Autistic children or become loving pets placed in forever homes.

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Dogs Deserve Better: Barkley’s Backyard

Barkley's Backyard at Good Newz Rehab CenterIn 2012 Central Bark® helped transform Michael Vick’s former Bad Newz Kennels into the Good Newz Rehab Center for Dogs Deserve Better. The Good Newz Rehab Center is a place of hope and rescue for chained and neglected dogs. We created Barkley’s Backyard, an exercise and socialization area for these deserving dogs so that they, too, can have better days!

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