Our Pack Leader: Dennis & Leslie Malavsky

dennis305pixelsDennis Malavsky has been a sale’s professional working as a Technical Sales Engineer for the past 15yrs. however his true passion is to increase the quality of life for all dogs through fostering, rescue, and now owning his own Central Bark franchise. Dennis is married to his high school sweetheart; Leslie of 21 yrs. Leslie works fulltime as a P.T.A. for Aurora, Lakeshore Medical.  Both Dennis and Leslie have always had a dream to own their own business in the dog industry. They have owned dogs and showed them winning numerous shows as amateurs going against professionals for confirmation, obedience, and agility. While they have no children, they have always considered and treated their dogs as their children and put as much effort if not more in insuring their dogs are excellent canine citizens. Dennis has done extensive self-research in the behavior and psychology of dogs along with training and teaching other dog owners wherever he goes the basics of good dog ownership.

Dennis and Leslie are excited to join the Central Bark Franchise and own the Central Bark located in downtown Milwaukee. To them it’s a dream come true and exactly what they want to do with their lives.

Dennis and Leslie reside in Muskego with their 6 year old Bearded Collie, Koby.

Elise, Store Manager

Milwaukee Doggy Day Care ManagerElise began working for Central Bark as a part time dog handler back in December 2005. No longer merely content working with other people’s animals, she soon adopted her own dog in July of 2006, a small Chihuahua Mix named Moz. She quickly rose to the role of Assistant Manager just shy of her 1 year anniversary with the company. Since then, she has adopted 2 more dogs, (Hanna and Harold) and now manages the Downtown location.  She has been an avid animal lover all her life and cannot image her life without dogs in it. In her spare time, Elise enjoys spending time with her dogs and well, spending time with her dogs! While she is “owned” by 3 small Chihuahua mixes (a best guess, who knows what breeds really make them up), her favorite breed of dog is not a necessarily a Chihuahua or even a small breed at all. Her favorites are the “Heinz 57’s”. That special breed of mutt that you can’t quite put your finger on but you love them for their unique appearance, winning personality and loveable goofiness. To quote Josh Billings, “Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail”.

Our Groomer: Lorann

downtown milwaukee dog groomingAlways having a great love and compassion for animals, it’s no wonder Lorann ended up being hired as a Central Bark Doggy Day Care employee-and their very first one to boot!  In 1999, she was offered an apprenticeship at a grooming salon in Waukesha. When word came that the shop was for sale, it was a natural fit.  Running a successful grooming shop until 2004, Lorann realized that she just couldn’t stay away, so she sold the shop and came back to the Milwaukee area to pamper the hard playing pooches of Central Bark.  Lorann works at Central Bark North and Downtown and has apprenticed several other groomers for other Central Bark locations.  Lorann is often accompanied by Stella, a Lab/Newfoundland mix she adopted from a rescue in 2010.  You would think being a groomer’s dog; she would be perfectly manicured at all times.  But Stella is a day care junkie and loves the pool as much as any other pup.  She often leaves with her owner in tow, not so perfectly manicured, but very happy and tired. Grooming is available by appointment only and can be scheduled for either location by calling the Northside at 414-332-9612 or Downtown at 414-347-9612.


Our Trainer: Sylvie

Sylvie joined the Central Bark Downtown team in February of 2017. She is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer and loves helping dogs and their human friends learn new skills and overcome behavioral challenges. Prior to coming to work for Central Bark Downtown, Sylvie’s experiences feature time spent in shelters and rescues as everything from a foster mom, to a veterinary assistant, to a behavior consultant. She works with positive reinforcement and scientifically backed training methods to enhance and strengthen the relationship between humans and their dogs. While at Central Bark Sylvie has been instrumental in developing multiple training platforms for all levels of group dog classes, one on one private training, and specialized behavior consulting. When she is not teaching canine manners and life skills, Sylvie can be found in the company of her husband, two very helpful Chihuahuas, assorted foster dogs, and very patient cat.