Congrats Ady, Our April Dog of the Month

Added on April 1, 2019

We are thrilled to welcome Spring with Ady King, our April Dog of the Month! Ady is a beautiful 5-year-old Bichon mix, kind hearted, and always full of life. We don’t believe she has ever met a stranger, only new-found friends; dogs and people alike. She and her parents have been part of our daycare family for quite some time now and it has been a joy to have them. Ady greets us each day with a cheerful smile, happy tail, and ready to start her day of fun. Once in her group she looks for her favorite boyfriend Max G., an older Yorkie mix, whom she absolutely adores. Ady and Max love to hang out, stroll around the playspace, and then snuggle up together. They truly are a cute little couple. When she’s not hanging with Max, Ady enjoys mingling with friends of all sizes, including; Scout S, Allie A, Fred, Pepe, and Chloe N. We just love having Ms. Ady with us and really enjoy giving her extra back and belly rubs whenever we can.  If we could give out a “Biggest Sweetheart” award, Ady would be first in the running. Thank you, Sandy and Scott, for sharing this ray of sunshine with us over the years! Congratulations on being our April dog of the month Ady, enjoy shining like the star you are!