Congrats Abbey!!!

Added on December 4, 2018

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but Ms. Abbey finds it so delightful! And because she just loves it so, let it snow, let is snow, let it snow! Ms. Abbey sure does enjoy winter, so it is absolutely perfect that she is our December dog of the month. Abbey is a seven year old Siberian husky with expressive blue eyes and a ready singing voice. Every visit she comes in with a happy trot, a welcome howl, and is ready to start her daycare day with us. As soon as she gets to group she is excited to catch up with her pals Dasher and Dancer . . . oops I mean Wrigley, Cleo, Rocky, and Benji. Ms. Abbey is very spirited and never minds sharing her opinions with her fellow furry friends in a friendly debate, and boy do her friends hang on her every word . She along with her parents Janet and Paul have been with us for around six years now and each year is more fun-filled than the last. This holiday season we are thankful for Abbey and to her parents for sharing her with us each week. Happy Holidays and enjoy your month of being our shining star!