Congrats Oliver!

Added on July 2, 2019

We are ready to start off the Month of Independence with a big BANG! Who better to do that than Mr. Oliver G? Oliver is a sweet and happy Yorkshire terrier, but don’t let that innocent face fool you, this guy can be quite the firecracker! Just ask his parents Susan and Mark. Oliver and his family became part of our daycare family nearly six and a half years ago. He jumped right in to our daycare routine without a backwards glance. Oliver has always been an excellent role model to all pups entering our program. Especially the more reserved kids, who need a little time to get into the swing of things. Oliver excels at games like leap frog and tag, as he can weave and jump like you wouldn’t believe. I’m pretty sure he holds the record for longest time to get tagged due to those very skills. You see he knows it’s not about romping around; it’s about not being caught. Some of his best gaming buddies include Reggie S., Stella H., Roxy M., and Bella L. When it’s time to relax Oliver enjoys a good belly rub, along with a few kisses, from the staff. This boy is truly a gem and we are so proud he and his family have been a part of our pack for these many years, as well as, many more to come. Susan and Mark you have quite the wonderful dog, and it’s time else knows how truly special he is. Congratulations on being our July dog of the month Oliver!

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