Congrats Laika!

Added on May 1, 2019

“Dogs are small rays of light, caught on Earth for a short time, to brighten our days.” This is so very true of our May dog of the month Laika. He brings the sunshine each and every time he enters our facility! There is no way you can meet this guy and not have your day be made. Laika is a four year old Golden Retriever, who has been an absolute joy since he and his parents joined our program over two and a half years ago. This guy has the biggest, brightest, goofiest smile you’ve ever seen and he is always happy to share it with us. His friends, both human and dog alike, simply adore him. Laika loves to romp around and share toys with his furry friends Tilly W., Gibson, Luna S, and Yogi M. When he’s not playing games with his pals, he enjoys being spoiled with love and showing off his amazing recalling abilities (doesn’t hurt that there is kibble involved). Mom and dad are always sure to send Laika to day care with special treats for lunch, which, of course, he gobbles right up. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure his favorite things go in the order of: 1) Treats, 2) Food, and 3) Treats, lol. He certainly pushes the envelope in positive energy. Nothing gets this guy down and we love it. When new pups enter our program they flock to Laika. He is an excellent example and wonderful teacher. He is sweet, kind, gentle, and playful. Simply put, he’s pretty much perfect. To us at least! We are so happy that his family has chosen to share Laika with us over the past couple years. He is a gem and he only continues to warm our hearts and brighten our days. Laika, keep up the good work and enjoy being our May Dog of the Month!

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  1. S. Ganapathi
    May 2, 2019 at 8:19 am

    Dear Madam/ Sir,
    Beautiful description. He is really good, because he is my grandson. I’m coming to US to play with him


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