Congrats Lacy!

Added on February 1, 2018 :: Posted by centralbarkmequon

In this, the month of love, it is only fitting that we celebrate a truly beautiful soul, our lovely Ms Lacy L.! She and her family have been with us for going on two years now and it has been an absolute pleasure. Lacy is a four year old German Shepherd mix that is a wonderful combination of shy, playful, and sweet. Upon entering the building, she has a proud prance, like that of a princess ready to be escorted back to frolic with her entourage. While in group Lacy’s playfulness shines through when playing games with her two and four legged friends. You name it Lacy likes to do it; tag, leap frog, chase, catch- there isn’t a game that she doesn’t like to play. Some of her favorite pals to join in these games are Cashew, Hazel, Sawyer, Strummer, and Rosie. In her down time she adores getting love and affection from the staff in the form of ear, back, and belly rubs. She truly is a sweetie with a heart of pure gold. Each daycare visit, her family likes to spoil her by bringing in a nice cozy blanket, lunch, and some tasty treats. They love their enchanting lady and it shows in everything they do. Thank you for sharing Lacy with us these past couple of years! Central Bark wouldn’t be the same without her wonderful smiling face to brighten our day each week. Congratulations and thanks for being you Lacy!

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